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Good day everyone and welcome to our website where we will be talking about the JAMB Admission Letter. When you access your JAMB result slip, it contains a lot of information you should understand. Your candidate number, exam year, and subject combination are at the top. This confirms your details and the subjects you sat for.

Some important facts about the JAMB Admission latter

The following are some important facts about the JAMB admission letter:

1. Scores

Your scores for each subject are shown as raw scores out of 100, not grades. The scores determine if you meet the cut-off mark for your school of choice. Some schools may require higher scores for competitive courses.

2. Percentiles

Your percentile score shows your performance relative to other candidates. A higher percentile means you scored better than more candidates. Percentiles help schools rank candidates for admission.

3. Grades

JAMB converts your raw scores to letter grades A, B, C, D, and F to indicate your level of performance in each subject. An A or B means you met an acceptable standard. Cs and below mean you need to retake the subject.

4. Total Score

Your total score is the sum of your subject scores. It must meet the minimum cut-off mark for the year to proceed to the next stage of admission. Total scores are also used for provisional admission in some schools.

5. Next Step

The slip shows if you need to proceed to the next stage of screening by your schools of choice. This could be a post-UTME, interview, or physical exam. Ensure you meet all deadlines to avoid missing out.



How to Check Your JAMB Result Online

To check your JAMB result for the 2023 UTME, just follow these easy steps:

1. Visit JAMB’s Official Result Checking Portal

Head to JAMB’s official website at www.jamb.gov.ng. On the homepage, look for the link to check your UTME result. Click on ‘Check 2023 UTME Examination Result’. This will take you to the JAMB UTME result-checking portal.

2. Enter Your Details

You will be required to enter your JAMB registration number, as well as the serial number on your registration slip. Make sure you have this information on hand before proceeding. Enter the numbers carefully and double-check for any errors.

3. View and Print Your Result Slip

Once you have entered the correct details, your UTME result will be displayed on the screen. Check that all information like your name, subject scores, total score, and more are correctly reflected. If there are any errors, contact JAMB immediately. If the result is okay, you have the option to print your original JAMB result slip right away or later.

Printing your result slip is important as it may be required for various purposes like admissions, scholarship applications, or employment. The printed slip contains security features that help verify the authenticity of your result. You can print as many copies of the slip as you need at no cost.

4. Check Admission Status

While checking your result, you can also view your admission status. This will show whether or not you have received provisional admission into your school of choice. The admission status is usually released within a few weeks after the UTME results. Keep checking regularly for updates.



Downloading Your Original JAMB Result Slip

Now that JAMB has released the results for the 2023 UTME, you’ll want to download your original result slip. This slip contains your scores for each subject, total score, and other important details.

To access and download your slip, follow these steps:

1. Visit the JAMB facility Portal

The first thing you’ll need to do is visit JAMB’s eFacility portal at www.jamb.gov.ng/efacility/. This is where you’ll be able to log in and download your result slip.

2. Enter Your Details

Next, enter the email address and password you used to register for the UTME. If you’ve forgotten your password, click ‘Forgot Password’ to reset it. You’ll also need to enter the serial number on your e-slip or scratch card.

3. Click ‘Print Result Slip’

Once logged in, you’ll see your name, registration number, exam year, and other details. Look for the option that says ‘Print Result Slip’ and click it.

4. Check Your Details

Carefully review all the information on your result slip to ensure there are no errors. This includes your name, registration number, state of origin, LGA, exam year, subjects, scores, and total score. Notify JAMB immediately of any mistakes.

5. Download and Print

Finally, click ‘Download’ to access a PDF version of your original result slip or ‘Print’ to print it out. Be sure to keep this slip in a safe place, as you may need to provide it to your school of choice.

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You now have access to your official JAMB result slip for the 2023 UTME. Congratulations on completing the exam! If you have any issues downloading or accessing your result, don’t hesitate to contact JAMB’s helpdesk for assistance. They’re there to ensure all candidates are able to get their results without hassle. Best of luck using your UTME score to gain admission into your desired tertiary institution.

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