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The musical duo PSquare originally consisted of identical twins Peter and Paul Okoye. Born in 1981, the brothers grew up in Jos, Nigeria and began singing and dancing as children.

Early Musical Influences

Their father was a pastor and their mother was a midwife. Growing up in a musical family, Peter and Paul were exposed to gospel, reggae, and pop music from an early age. They joined their church choir at age 8 and learned to play various instruments over the years.

Formation of PSquare

In the late 1990s, Peter and Paul formed the group PSquare. They performed at school talent shows and local events, gaining popularity on the Nigerian music scene. After graduating, they attended music school to enhance their skills. They cited musical influences like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and Nigerian singer 2Face Idibia.

Music Career Takes Off

PSquare’s breakout hit was “Bizzy Body” in 2003 which received major airplay in Nigeria and across Africa. They signed with Kennis Music label and released their debut album “Last Nite” which included hits “Do Me”, “Omoge Mi”, and “Tolulope”.

Subsequent albums like “Game Over”, “Danger”, and “Invasion” were commercially successful, earning them awards and establishing PSquare as a premier Afro-pop group. They were known for an energetic style and catchy, danceable songs with lyrics focused on relationships, partying and enjoying life.

Over the years, PSquare toured globally, won numerous accolades, and worked with brands like Glo and Konka. Though the duo split up in 2017, they left behind an impressive musical legacy and catalog of hits that are still popular today. Their story serves as an inspiration, showing how talent, hard work, and perseverance can lead to remarkable success.

Split of the Band: Peter and Paul Go Solo

Peter and Paul Go Solo

In 2016, after 15 years of making music together, PSquare shocked fans by announcing the split of the band. Rumors had been swirling for years about tensions between the twin brothers, who made up the popular Afrobeat duo. Turned out there was truth to the gossip – Peter and Paul Okoye could no longer see eye to eye.

The breakup news devastated fans around the world. PSquare’s catchy songs and electric stage presence brought joy to so many. But for the twins themselves, continuing to work together had become untenable. According to Peter, Paul’s controlling behavior and refusal to compromise were at the heart of the issue: “My brother, Paul, practically ran the group and made most of the decisions.” Peter felt his opinions didn’t matter and his talents were stifled.

After trying unsuccessfully to reconcile their differences, Peter and Paul decided to part ways professionally and focus on their solo careers. In the aftermath of the separation, Peter adopted the stage name Mr. P, under which he continued to record and release music. Paul chose the name Rudeboy and did the same.

While some fans remain hopeful the brothers will eventually mend fences and come together again, their solo work seems to be thriving. Mr. P and Rudeboy have each put out multiple singles and albums that were well received. And though they now compete in some sense, there appears to be mutual support. “I wish my brother the very best,” Peter has said.

The story of PSquare is one of both joy and heartbreak – the joy of the music they created together, and the heartbreak of having to say goodbye to that chapter. Though the band is no more, the legacy of PSquare lives on. Their timeless hits will continue to fill dance floors for years to come, keeping memories of Peter and Paul, the twins from Jos who took the music world by storm, alive.

PSquare’s Net Worth: How Much Are They Worth Now?

PSquare’s net worth is estimated to be over $30 million US dollars. As one of the most successful Afro-pop groups to come out of Nigeria, Peter and Paul Okoye have built an empire through their music.

Music Sales and Streaming

The bulk of PSquare’s wealth comes from the sale of their music and streaming revenue. They have released six studio albums, selling over 40 million records worldwide. Their hit songs like “No One Like U”, “Chop My Money” and “Personally” have hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. PSquare makes money from streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music based on the number of views and plays their music gets.

Business Ventures

In addition to their music, PSquare owns a record label called Square Records which produces music for other African artists. They’ve invested in real estate, owning properties in Lagos, Nigeria and Atlanta, Georgia. The duo also has endorsement deals with brands like Glo Mobile, Konga and Olympic Milk which contribute significantly to their net worth.

Luxury Lifestyle

PSquare lives a lavish lifestyle befitting of their success. They own expensive homes, luxury cars like a Bentley and Mercedes G-Wagon, travel in private jets and frequently post photos on Instagram of their high-end purchases and vacations around the world. While their opulent lifestyle is an indicator of their immense wealth and status, some critics argue the brothers should invest more of their money back into helping their local Nigerian community.

Recent Challenges and Split

In 2017, Peter and Paul Okoye had a falling out and temporarily disbanded PSquare. The brothers fought over management and direction of the group, with each wanting more control and autonomy over their music. After a year apart, PSquare reconciled and got back together, releasing some new music in 2019. However, the brief split caused speculation over how their assets would be divided if they were to permanently go their separate ways. For now, PSquare remains united and continues earning money through their joint business ventures and music.

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PSquare’s story is one of brotherly love and partnership leading to great success and fortune. Despite facing challenges, their bond has endured, allowing them to overcome obstacles together while still achieving new milestones in their already remarkable career. Fans around the world eagerly await what they will accomplish next.

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